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As a Christian pastor, I cringe when extremists incite violence or inflame hatred in the name of Christ. What I have learned from the Muslim community here in Western New York, is that they are grossly misunderstood when judged solely by the acts of extremism done in the name of Islam.

Imam Nazim Mangera has taken an important step by writing this wonderful book, a commentary on 100 sayings of the Prophet Muhammed, which reveal the heart of the Prophet, and which help non-Muslims to understand just how far from authentic faith the extremists we hear so much about, have strayed.

But even more importantly, Imam Mangera reveals, in an accessible and understandable way, the virtues and values of the people who claim Islam as their spiritual path. And what I discovered, as I read his book, is that the virtues and values of Islam are not so very different from the virtues and values I hope my own parishioners would espouse. This is a bridge-building book which promotes understanding between our country’s Muslim and non-Muslim citizens. I encourage you to take some time to read and understand this needed perspective.

Pastor Timothy Madsen
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Williamsville, NY

The book "A Gift for Every Human Being: 100 Inspirational Sayings of Prophet Muhammed" is truly what the title states, a gift for all mankind. The quality of the book is amazing. It is brief and to the point and very motivating. A great read for Muslims and non-Muslims as well. In an age where Islam is so misunderstood this book will serve as means to disprove some of the misinformation and lies prevalent in our society about Islam and the final Prophet God sent to mankind, Muhammed. A great job done by author! I recommend the book to anyone looking to learn more about the teachings of Prophet Muhammed.

Mark W.
Thurs., Aug 30, 2012


The book is well written, especially for the audience you intend to reach, Masha-Allah ! 

I would suggest it should go to all the libraries, schools, senior citizen centers, nursing homes and reading rooms and in the gift package of newly converted Muslims (I am sure you have already thought of that and some more).

Dr. Amina A.
Fri., Aug 31, 2012


I read the whole book cover to cover and simply love it! It's also a great book for my 9 yr. old because it's a simple, easy to understand book full of information that he can use to help guide him on what's right and what's wrong. This book is fantastic for non-Muslims as well so I will pass on this information to my interfaith groups. It will give them a better understanding of our prophet Muhammed (SAW). There are so many misconceptions about him lately and this is the perfect time to have this informative book available for everyone of any religion at any age. I love the commentaries that go along with the 100 quotes of our prophet which gives a better understanding of the quotes written in the Sahih hadith. I also love the fact that you mentioned quotes from non-Muslim celebs like Will Smith and the late, Jimi Hendrix. Your sense of humor was also revealed in a few places throughout the book which made it fun to read. Thank You!

Amber S.
Wed., Aug 22, 2012


Being a revert and coming from a social domain not well immersed with the teachings of Islam and particularly without critical knowledge of its beloved Prophet, I can honestly say that even with my reversion Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) remained mostly a foreign figure. In the earliest stages of growth since taking Shahada (1/13/2012) I struggled with placing proper context upon the Prophet’s life and his meaning to Muslims. 

Reading “100 Inspirational Sayings of Prophet Muhammed” has not only answered many of these concerns but has also served as mediator that transcends religion as practice and speaks to the core of communal and humanitarian ethics. I cannot stress the importance of this message conveyed by the Prophet, and now modernized and commentated on by Imam Nazim Mangera. This book has particular meaning to me since it was given to me during a very most depressing and delicate period, at a time when I was beginning to have doubts on the direction of my spirituality and whether or not Islam was the right choice to represent that spirituality. This book calmed me. It was given to me on my first Eid after successfully making through my first Ramadan. At this time I had been sleeping in the masjid a lot, attempting to be closer to my Islamic family. It became difficult because I couldn’t help but wonder about the people I’ve grown up amongst that do not have the beauty of Islamic closeness, that aren’t as interested in their own social conduct or exploring the meaning of life. I began to become depressed, it was very difficult trying to be the best Muslim I could be and still be ‘American’ or socially ‘normal’ enough to maintain my relationships. I struggled with friends, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike and I struggled with the Rights of Allah versus the Rights of People. So, I depended on my first Eid to restore that peace which called me to Islam initially and Alhamdulilah it came in the form of a book answering all of my questions. 

The interesting thing about the book is that it doesn’t shy away from mainstream dogmas and things people accept as normal. Imam Nazim’s commentary expanded the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in such a practical way to bring it to the level of all human beings living in the 21st century. I learned basic fundamentals of manifesting meaningful relationships which now have become embedded in my character. I learned how imperative having good character is and the importance of parents and restraining my anger. Most importantly I learned the importance of being an example and the importance of being an active advancer and participant in the development of humanity and in result the importance of my intentions with regards to my humanity. This has a deep personal meaning to me because, for example, my family is non-denominational Christians and I remember struggling with feeling like I betrayed or rebelled against Allah (S.W.T.) by visiting them. I felt somehow that I betrayed my religion and this left me feeling depressed. But this book has taught me the importance of my intentions; the book even opens up with “Kind Treatment of Non-Muslims” which says volumes to this matter. It is important to maintain my family ties, and to be a good person regardless of the religious differences, I learned that my intentions are not overlooked. Reading the hadiths and the further commentary has restored my faith in such instrumental ways; Imam Nazim even brings it closer to my level by using Jimi Hendrix, Will Smith and even other religions to illustrate a crucial message that is not only for religious folk, or for Muslims, but truly for every human being.

So I must echo that this book is truly a gift for every human being, as it not only shows a glimpse into the teachings of Islam but important virtues which are necessary for fostering a harmonious environment on a planet which we all, regardless of religion, race, sex share.

Rasaan S.
Wed., Sept 19, 2012
Amherst, NY



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