(Mufti) Nazim Mangera grew up in Toronto, Canada, and is a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and has been waiting for many years for the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.  At the tender young age of 13, Mufti Nazim went from Toronto, Canada, to Dewsbury, England, to complete the traditional memorization of the Quran and the Islamic scholar course. He excelled in his studies which lasted for nearly 11 years. In his final year of studies, out of a class of 56 students, he was tied for first place. 
Since graduation, Mufti Nazim has worked as a teacher of Islamic Studies and Arabic as well as an Imam at prestigious institutions in cities like Toronto, Chicago and Dallas. Mufti Nazim initiated and spearheaded a Quranic school in Texas in 2005: http://iqs.irvingmasjid.org/.

He is a well known speaker in community gatherings, universities, colleges and Masajid where he has spoken on a wide range of interesting topics.  Considering that Mufti Nazim has visited nearly 15 countries for an extended period of time, he has garnered invaluable experience on how to deal with people of various countries.  Also, considering that Mufti Nazim has ministered in major North American cities, he has gained extensive experience and practical skills on how to deal with and talk to people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, age groups and beliefs.

Mufti Nazim has 3 Masters Degrees: a Masters in Arabic, a Masters in Islamic Studies and a Masters in Islamic Jurisprudence. In 2010 he completed the Mufti course at a local seminary. Currently, Mufti Nazim is pursuing his doctorate in Islamic Studies.  The Shaykh is quadrilingual and can converse fluently in four different languages. His four brothers are all memorizers of the Quran and scholars of Islam as well Alhamdulillah.  Mufti Nazim currently is an Imam in the State of New York across the Canadian border at www.isnf.org, has three children and is happily married to a female Islamic scholar.




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