If you were asked by a person - a Muslim, a new-Muslim, a non-Muslim, your neighbor, your child’s teacher, your professor, your employer, your colleague, a visitor to your Masjid- to provide the person with a book about the teachings of Prophet Muhammed, do you have a book in mind to satiate the person’s desire? Have you always been in search of a book to acquaint yourself, your family members, and others about the ethical teachings of Prophet Muhammed and you just couldn’t lay your hands on any such book?

Well, that lifelong wait is finally over and now you can finally read such a book which will leave you and others inspired and rejuvenated! (Mufti) Nazim Mangera, after spending 100’s of hours in the last two years and after sifting through 1000’s of sayings of Prophet Muhammed, has collected the 100 in the form of this revolutionary book. Along with the universal timeless teachings of Prophet Muhammed, (Mufti) Nazim has also included his brilliant contemporary commentary on the 100. By reading the book, you will find out why 1.5 billion people across the world have justifiably fallen deeply in love with him and why Michael H. Hart, in his book, ranked Prophet Muhammed as the most influential person in history.

As you browse around the website, we hope that you will make a conscious decision to not only buy the 100-page book for yourself, but you will also buy the book to pass on to others as well.  Included in the book is a wonderful introduction by Cassandra Williams, the author’s Isnad (chain of transmission) which has never been compiled in English in a similar manner, and 10 beautiful pictures of Masjids from around the world. Read the book and be inspired, as the author and all those who have read the book have been inspired, and give this beautiful book as a precious gift to others as well. Please share the site with others by clicking the above Share buttons.


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